Passing Clouds is a unique live music venue and community arts centre, born from the vibrant Hackney music scene. 

We play host to both local and international bands and musicians, our eclectic events showcasing music from around the world, from Afro-beat to Cumbia and beyond.

We are a hub for cultural and community events including the Permaculture Picturehouse, East in East, Palestine Solidarity film screenings, healing events, self-development workshops, music lessons, and swing dance classes. 

Passing Clouds is run by a collective of passionate and conscious artists, musicians, and activists. 


Think Global. Act Local. 

We are passionate about actively engaging with a wide view of the world’s issues whilst taking a strong role supporting local producers, ethical businesses and organisations that promote positive social change.

Over the past 8 years, we have developed a strong, diverse and conscious community of artists, activists, musicians, and political campaigners.

We stand for:

Conscious and healthy living.

Our venue is 100% vegetarian and as vegan as possible, with no meat entering the building. All of our drinks are ethically sourced, our alcohol organic and fair trade where possible, and reducing, reusing and recycling a priority (e.g. beer bottles sent back to factory to be refilled, plus refiliing our vodka and gin bottles to save waste). Our mixers comprise of  super-berry and fruit juices, organic cordials and locally made Dalston Cola.

Creativity and community.

We are humbled by the level of talent that enters through our Dalston doors, with an eclectic array of the world’s most exciting musicians gracing our stage. We are constantly looking at ways to empower people not only through information and community sharing, but also giving emerging artists, musicians, healers and thinkers a platform from which to get their voices heard. 

Diversity and equality.  
Our underlying ethos is one of unity, and we welcome people from all backgrounds into our community. We stand for peace, love, justice and equality, and work tirelessly to spread this message far and wide. 

Passing Clouds is not just a venue: it is a state of mind.

ONE LOVE, Passing Clouds