Fight for your planet, not your country


Passing Clouds is not just a music venue and community hub.

Ideal Artist performing at March Against Monsanto 2014

Our events help to fund and support a wide number of campaigns and projects that we believe are important for the world and our communities.

We support truth-seeking campaigns such as the Freeman Movement, The Zietgeist Movement, The Reset, ran the first Bilderberg Festival, and fight against economic and political corruption by uniting and empowering the people.

Any campaigns that fight for the health of our planet and ourselves, such as March Against Monsanto, renewable energy research, and natural healing are close to our hearts.

We are hosts to an array of inspirational communities including the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and Permaculture Picturehouse who promote innovative, ecological living.

Read our News for updates from the frontline at Passing Clouds and beyond, and to learn more about how you can get involved!

We stand for:

Conscious music and culture

Sustainable living

Natural health

Food sovereignty

Truth and justice

Free press

Animal rights and welfare

Empowering education

Gender and race equality

Power in the community

Peace and humanity

Think Global, act local.

The Bilderberg Fringe Festival, 2013

The Bilderberg Fringe Festival, 2013