Street Poet in Residence #2 - 'Happier Poem'


A billion and one reasons.

Firstly you are gorgeous encapsulated

reason number two

is indubitably true

and refers to the thrill in my heart you’ve created

Point three

involves creativity

you sing and and you dance and you paint

At number four

I fall to the floor

as after loving you I feel faint

Example five

involves being alive

and laughing long and out loud

Reason six

concerns the feminine tricks

that make you stand out from the crowd

Illustratively seven

I ‘m clawing at heaven

when our bodies touch and collide

In position eight

is the pleasurable state

we achieve when our love twists inside

For item nine

I always feel fine

when I see the light in your eyes

On the theme of point ten

I’ll repeat it again

you never fail to amaze or surprise

At number eleven there’s nearly a billion to go

more than the sum of it’s parts

… I just love you …so

Posted on April 10, 2014 .