Ebola: Colloidal Silver Solution!

As part of our mission to promote a healthier world and education about effective natural solutions to disease, members of Passing Clouds have been contracted by the Gambian government to present work that suggests Colloidal Silver as a prevention and treatment for the Ebola virus.


The Ebola virus, which has been ravaging West Africa (in particular Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone) since an outbreak late last year spread cross continent, has to date seen no meaningful progress developing a treatment.  Protective measures such as improved hygiene, reduced contact with animals and quarantine have so far been suggested whilst Glaxo Smith Kline (those guys behind such scandals as anti-depressants for children frauds, Syrian drug bribery and general corruption/poison-pushing) have said they plan to launch a new vaccine in September 2014.

However, as the report Passing Clouds members prepared shows Colloidal Silver works as a silver nanoparticle neutralization of hemorrhagic fever viruses....in other words it can heal those effected by Ebola.



  • Colloidal Silver works as a catalyst to disable and inhibit the enzyme that bacteria, viruses and fungi need for oxygen metabolism
  • Is an antimicrobial agent, with reports of its therapeutic use dating back thousands of years
  • Silver, often in nano-particle form, is widely used as a component in numerous medical and health treatments to kill bacteria, for example in water filtration systems, wound dressings, medicinal creams, or as an antibiotic coating on medical devices.


  • There are no known harmful side effects when taken in safe doses
  • It is easy to source and acquire and is made with accessible production methods from a single, pure, base metal and water
  • It is extremely and cost effective and relatively simple to produce anywhere in the world

We'll keep you updated as the Ebola crisis is addressed, hopefully this time with common sense rather than Big Pharma.

Posted on August 27, 2014 .