Save Hampstead Heath Ponds!

As London’s cosmic community knows all too well, living in the big smoke can be like totally taxing on the body, light body and mind no? Although a wealth of holistic healing in the city (and of course at Passing Clouds) can help the weary urban warrior to keep their light fighting strong, sometimes the only medicine is a meditative meander with Mother Nature.
London’s many parks and more protected natural spots such as Hampstead Heath are a haven and refuge for the sooty, stressed city survivor and can feel like a life-saving slice of spiritual heaven amongst the madness. That’s why when we took a trip to the ‘Heath the other day and saw a sign saying ‘Save The Ponds’ (*sigh...*) we were shocked to hear that the bathing ponds are under threat from Camden council’s proposals to build large dams, which would permanently disfigure this natural treasure. (Arrrrgh.....whyyyyyyyy in the name of all that is cosmic...). So we wanted to put out a call to the community to...
A) get themselves down there pronto to soak up the summer sun because it’s just lovely

B) Meditate there, and anywhere in nature because...ya know.

C) Sign the petition to oppose the closing of the ponds

D) Do anything else our little Earthling brains can think of to use, tend to and protect London’s green spaces, and of course the Earth’s natural beauty. Go wild.

Posted on July 29, 2014 .