To bee, or not to bee


Bees. As much a part of the summertime as picnics, sunburn and Passing Clouds parties…or at least that’s how things have been since, oh, I dunno, forever

Unfortunately we humans have had, for some time, some heads of power who are a few stripes short of a bee costume and have made a long list of boo boos that have contributed to a shocking and very worrying decline in many vital aspects of our ecosystem, not least the bee. These silly sausages think its a grand idea to spray the heck outta the bee community with pesticides (called neonicotinoids) that damage bee’s brains so badly that they cannot find flowers to feed on.  As any self respecting owner of a brain will testify; if the bees cannot pollinate, then a crucial piece of our ecosystem will be gone. If the bees go, so do we…so there have been many campaigns (by those with said brains) trying desperately to halt the bee-genocide from a fatal conclusion.  One such campaigner is friend of Passing Clouds and fashion activist, Katharine Hamnett. Katharine has been petitioning and campaigning for the ban of harmful and poisonous pesticides used in Hackney and beyond, and was part of a successful campaign to sack Owen Paterson (former Environment Secretary) for his incompetence in protecting the environment.

So now it is time to add your name to the (so nearly at target) list that will be presented to Liz Truss, the new Environment Secretary for the UK, to get her on board to do her job and protect the planet over corporate shareholders.

Sign your name here, to urge Liz Truss to empower an EU-wide ban on these insanely toxic pesticides.

To keep up with the buzz around this issue go to and follow Katharine Hamnett and BeeGood_UK on Twitter.

Let’s keep life sweet and stand strong with the bees.

Posted on August 6, 2014 .