Oh wondrous and magical members of the Passing Clouds community. We have been receiving much correspondence from you regarding the future of our magnificent ship and would like to thank you all for your concern. 

Yes indeed, we come up against the carnivorous thrust of gentrification once again, but no fear, Passing Clouds has a few cards in its glitter pack of love weaponry being flexed right now, so all is positive and blessed! 

In truth far worse situations have been sent to challenge us during our ten year herstory but, praise Jah, here we still stand here now. 

All that exists after all is the present and at present, all stands strong like a lion! 

But graciously, we invite you to include in your daily meditations and visualisations a great bubble of protective golden love energy around our beloved establishment so that we may continue to flourish and radiate the highest vibrations. 

Thank you truly once more. May the Goddess bring protection and guidance, 

Passing Clouds Collective xxx

Posted on April 5, 2016 and filed under latest news.