Congo Natty Family Showcase July 22nd 2016

For our 10 year anniversary celebrations, Congo Natty AKA Rebel MC and his family & crew dropped more than 3 hours of live music, transforming our beloved Passing Clouds into a wild and crowded jungle! As core crew member Virgo Don wrote:

“The gig was a complete roadblock. What a crowd! What a vibe! What an absolute gem of a night! The love they showed was unreal!”

We couldn’t say it any better ourselves! The building surely rose a couple of inches off the ground due to the intense bass lines and jungle rhythms that tore through the venue till 4am, and of course the the cosmic love of the crowd was giving off an intense energy! It was by far one of our most intense and electrifying nights we've ever had at Passing Clouds! The gig – when it wasn’t peppered with gun-finger shots, clashing MCs, and #PassingCloudsForever shouts – served as a long-form tribute to Jonathan Sutter AKA Tenor Fly, a close member of the Congo Natty crew who sadly left us on the 19th of June 2016.

The music kicked off with UK hip hop, fusing into Niyahbinghi roots, dropping into future dub tracks, and ending with old school jungle music. The takeover fused the power of British and Jamaican music, giving a nod to the Notting Hill Carnival tradition. Have a glance at the night thanks to this banging video of 'Tarantula' in tribute to Tenor Fly:

As a small independent music venue with restricted capacity, Passing Clouds was soon filled to the brim with Congo Natty fans! The pioneer of jungle music who grow up in South Tottenham assembled an ecstatic crowd who exhibited remarkable patience as the queue began to wind down past the Haggerston Pub to Kingsland Road!

We apologise to any person who could not make it in or had to wait!

We apologise to any person who could not make it in or had to wait!

Congo Natty AKA Rebel MC represented in style with some exceptional talents from the Congo Natty family - KLASHNEKOFF, Congo Dubz, Kaya Fiyah, Buggsy, Nanci Ninja and Virgo Don showed great support towards our #PassingCloudsForever campaign!

Whereas Congo Natty said the following great words of support:

“It is very important to keep a place like Passing Clouds open, because there are very

few real underground music venues in London city.

With no disrespect, there is no love when it comes from the global organisation.

So we’re here tonight, spreading love through word, sounds, power, jungle music.

Music is a revolution.

We are part of the revolution.

So we want big up all the revolutionary crew - we are the sons and daughters of slave

trade that took place in the European disapora; we are the children of slaves, and we

are free to spread out music through word, sounds and power.

This is Jungle - this is the revolution."

Be part of the revolution and spread the love! Sign and share our petition or even help us out with a donation to fund the cost of our campaign.

One Love, from Passing Clouds