Calling All Hosts!!! Passing Clouds Needs YOU!

Passing Clouds are looking for two hosts to increase the peace and set the vibe.

You will be responsible for maintaining the flow of our external smoking area, or our internal stair space. You will be responsible for making sure people do not go outside with drinks, that people are not using the toilets to take drugs, loitering on the stairs or using the side door. In the event of a fire you will be responsible for getting people out of the building safely. You will be connected to security via radio.

You also need to be a sociable character, perhaps an actor or just one of those people that enjoy making life interesting. You will need to be dressed up in full festive regalia - this is a party! You will also be covering people with glitter, giving blessings as and when they are required, answering any questions people might have about Passing Clouds and the campaigns that we are working on, taking emails, sharing declarations of love etc. We expect you to be creative in coming up with ideas for maximising the potential of your role.

Please email a covering letter and CV to

Hours will be 10pm - 4am Friday and Saturday nights. £8ph.

Love and kisses from the Clouds xxx


Posted on July 5, 2016 and filed under latest news.