On a balmy July evening in Dalston, people dressed in glitter and gold can be seen moving down Kingsland road, winding their ways down to a small purple building that sits above the railway under a warm summer sky….

Here was a night that saw everything from drum and bass to electro swing and even “Bella Ciao” fill the ears, heads, and hearts of an incredible crowd who throughout the whole night had huge smiles on their faces and glittery limbs in the air. In true Cloud Factory Adventures style, the venue was decked out and looking mighty beautiful for the evening too, if we do say so ourselves! Covered in shiny flags, fairy lights, and drapery that reflected colourful light all around the room, the atmosphere inside that was another world, far from the grey London pavement outside!


The Correspondents did not fail to live up to expectations, providing a thrilling and electrifying set with the charismatic duo of Mr. Bruce and Chucks commanding the attention of everybody in the room. With a unique and intoxicating blend of electro, ska, drum and bass and jazz filling the room, there was even a spot of stage diving!

As you can see from this video that perfectly captures the incredible vibe of the whole night, the bouncing crowd were more than happy to take a wild Mr. Bruce into their arms - the energy in the room was electric!

Entertainment was to be found everywhere, with the enchanting Forgotten Circus bringing bewitching fire play to the night sky while people looked on in awe!

Back inside, Buffo’s Wake brought an accordion, violin and cello up on stage, presenting their eclectic gypsy-punk sound and bringing knees up to their storming, energetic vibe! Dressed in glitter and madness with an energy to match, the boys and girls of the band certainly made us move and shake!

The festivities went on until the early hours, as the pastel glow of day slowly started to creep across the sky and another unmissable night at Passing Clouds slowly drew to a close with people embracing and chatting back down the street.

Big big love to The Correspondents, Buffo’s Wake, Roscius, DJ GypsyBox, Forgotten Circus, C@ in the H@Fizzy Gillespie, Hype & Fever, and all the staff & crew involved in organising the night, and of course the beautiful people who attended and created such a mad vibe!

We're already excited for Cloud Factory Adventures' next party - Autumn Equinox on 24th September! Like their page here to stay up to date with the latest! Love and kisses from the Clouds xx

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Written by Katherine Shapiro


Posted on August 9, 2016 and filed under events, latest news.