Passing Clouds' Eleanor Meets Jeremy Corbyn

Our company director Eleanor Wilson went down to the Silver Bullet over the weekend to show some support and meet with the mighty Jeremy Corbyn, who is stepping on board to join the Save The Silver Bullet campaign! Eleanor also met the wonderful Hayley Squires, who is the events manager at the Silver Bullet and helping spearhead the campaign. Jeremy was eager to save the London music scene and pressed the need to establish a league of independent live music venues.

The recent election of our new London mayor, Sadiq Kahn, also gave a lot of hope to London music venues, as a key point in his campaign was the need to save London night life. Let's support these politicians who want to end the plight of music venues in London - 40% of London venues have shut down in the past 10 years, and we need all the help we can get to save local arts and culture.

Other amazing forces that are always working to help save London night life are the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) and the Music Venue Trust. Follow the links to find out more about these important groups, and to learn about how important music venues are to the UK. For example, did you know that the night time industry is the UK's fifth biggest industry and accounts for almost 8% of the UK's employment?

Sending much love, respect and support to the Silver Bullet and all the other independent music venues out there. Stay strong! One love xxx