Every Monday, Cosmic Connections invites you to explore a full spectrum of healing from Reiki, sound therapy, massage and shamanic journeying, to chanting, meditation, group workshops, sacred dance and beyond.


A holistic healing residency at Passing Clouds where anyone and everyone is invited to share. Join us:

- SPECIAL EVENT THIS MONDAY THE 16TH OF MAY - Shift Happens presents Antarma and Srikalogy. Antarma plays uplifting, conscious hip hop and reggae; Srikalogy is a MC, singer, DJ, producer and percussionist improvising live with indian percussion and ambient vocals.

More Informations HERE.

1st Monday of the month

Moving Night: A Night of Dance play and Joy

A night of tribal dance workshops and performances, ending in a dance jam accompanied by live music. This is space for joy, playfulness and improvisation. If you are a musician or dancer and would like to get involved message Ashearon.

2nd Monday

Love Happens: A Time for Love the Heart

Focuses upon hands-on-healing and heart wisdom from different traditions. A special space for you to take time out for you and your heart.

3rd Monday

Resonant Residents: Sacred Sound Healing

Resonant Residents is a night of co-creative sound-healing, weaving together your sacred voice with the sounds of singing bowls, didgeridoos and other means of resonant magic. Through sacred sound we start to help ourselves and others come back into a place of harmony and balance, and learn to 'tune-up' and express our higher selves.

4th Monday

Shift Happens: Community Healing Share 

There is healer within us all. Shift Happens is a collective community healing happening to help grow and support you in these shifting times. The time is now, so we invite you to stop talking about spirituality and start doing it, and get empowered!